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King Salman Center for Disability Research sponsors, coordinates, and funds research and academic activities it deems beneficial to Saudi society specifically, and humanity in general. It targets cutting-edge research of broad and practical impact by pooling local and international scientific, technical, and human resources in a systematic approach. The research that KSCDR focuses upon is considered applied rather than theoretical, ensuring that it is always directed at solving medical, physical, psychological, educational, or social difficulties that face persons with disabilities.

KSCDR underwent a comprehensive strategic planning review in 2010. The direction that KSCDR will take in the forthcoming future impacts directly on the direction KSCDR will pursue in its research. Three broad areas of strategic interest have been targeted. The first area of focus is to build a comprehensive scientific data base to provide accurate information regarding prevalence’s, etiologies, demographics, and matrices of disabling conditions in the Kingdom. The second thrust of our approach targets high incidence and hidden disabilities such as learning disabilities, mental, and communication disorders. Finally, the third area of focus is devoted to conducting advanced research such as nano-technology, robotics, and stem cell therapies. Consequently, a paradigm shift will be noticed in the direction that KSCDR endeavors will take in the future.

KSCDR also encourages special research initiatives that serve persons with disabilities and KSCDR vision and mission.

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