Last update: Monday, 15 July 2024

To enhance scientific collaboration and direct innovative research towards addressing the challenges of disability, applications are now open for research excellence and innovation centers

Thursday, 18 April 2024

The King Salman Center for Disability Research announces the opening of applications for the Research and Innovation Centers of Excellence Program. The program comes as part of the Center’s strategic plan to optimize the impact of research on disability, develop the human workforce, and lead innovation and solutions to enhance the quality of life of the disabled and their families.

This program emanates from the Center’s belief in the importance of science in serving the community since its establishment three decades ago. As well as the Center’s continuation of its national and international pioneering mandate in confronting the challenges of disability. In addition to seeking collaboration with organizations, centers, and research teams that possess a comprehensive ecosystem of research equipment, human capabilities, and scientific competencies and are able to carry out innovative research and products in the health, scientific, and humanitarian fields related to disability, pioneer scientific discoveries, and publish them in prestigious international journals such as Nature Journal, Science Journal, and other elite journals.

The Center invites interested centers, groups, and individuals to apply for the Centers of Excellence and to learn more about the initiative. Please visit for more.

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